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  • Software QA Testing deserves serious consideration if you are thinking of a QA career or career change opportunities.   There are many reasons for that:

  • It Counts your previous education and professional experience.   Imagine about software you use in your professional field - someone tested that software.      That person possesses knowledge of the field as well as the knowledge of Software Testing.

  • Qualification is not at all problem.      Many companies value stability/knowledge of a QA person, he/her maturity, understanding of quality,  tolerance to routine work.

  • In each profession there is a component of quality control of what you do.    

  • It takes just 6-10 weeks to learn the online Software QA and you can keep your personal/professional job while attending the course.     And the online training is very affordable...

  • The first job will pay $25-35 per hour(appr.).     Within 2 years the compensation will easily grow to $40-$60 per hour (appr).

  • We are here to teach you as we have being doing it since years . Are you ready to LEARN and EARN???   


  •  You would get trained and placed through A2DIT.

  • Do your research what you want to do? where you want to go?.   We are everywhere. 

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