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SAP FI/CO Course Content

Organizational Structure and Global Parameters:

· Define Company Code
· Define Company and assign to Company Code
 · Define Business Area · Define Credit Control Area
 · Maintain Controlling Area
· Assign Company Codes to Controlling Area
· Create Operating Concern
 · Assign Controlling Area to Operating Concern
· Maintain Company Code Global Parameters
 · Set company Code Productive
· Maintain Fiscal Year Variant
· Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code
 · Define Posting Period Variant
· Maintain Open and Close Posting Periods
· Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code
· Define Field Status Variant
· Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code
· Define Document Types for Postings
· Define Number Ranges for Document Types
· Define Tolerance Groups for employees
· Assign Tolerance Groups
· Set Fiscal year Default for Company Code Set Default Value date Propose for Company Code
 · Check and Assign Tax Calculation Procedure to Country
 · Define Tax Codes for Sales and Purchases
· Define Tax Accounts for Postings
· Activate Extended Withholding Tax
· Define Withholding Tax Types for Invoice and Payment Postings
· Define Withholding Tax codes · Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes
· Define Accounts for Withholding Tax Postings

Accounts Payables:-
· Define Vendor Account groups with screen layout
· Create number ranges for vendor account groups
· Assign number ranges to vendor account groups
· Tolerance groups for vendors
· Payment terms creation
 · Define Vendor Accounts
· Post vendor invoice
· Post credit memo
· Display vendor accounts balances
· Invoice clearing with outgoing payment posting
· Display posted documents
· Define Accounts for special GL transactions
· Post down payment requests
· Post down payments
· Clear down payment against invoices
· Reason codes for under and overpayment
· Define accounts for payment differences
· Automatic payment programme creation
· Automatic payment programme execution with check output
· Vendors ageing analysis
General Ledger Accounting:-
 · Define chart of Accounts List
· Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts List
· Define Accounts Groups and Screen layout for Account group
 · Define Retain Earning Accounts
· Define GL Account Master Records with Chart of account view and Company Code view
· General Ledger Postings with Normal and Enjoy
 · Display Posted documents and Accounts
· Reverse Wrong documents posted
· Account Assignment Model
· Interest calculation and Postings
· Posting with Foreign currency
· Define methods for foreign currency valuation
 · Prepare Automatic posting for foreign currency valuation
· Revaluation of foreign currency balances
· Maintain Exchange rates maintain table
· Define Reason Codes
· Clear open item with full settlement,
· Partial and Residual methods

Bank Accounting:-
Define House Banks with Bank Accounts
 · Creation of check number ranges for check lots
· Check creation
· Cancellation of issues check with reasons
 · Check register

 Accounts Receivables :-
Define Vendor Account groups with screen layout
· Create number ranges for vendor account groups
· Assign number ranges to vendor account groups
· Tolerance groups for vendors
· Payment terms creation
· Terms for Installment payments
· Define Customer Accounts
· Create customer Invoice
· Clear invoice against incoming payment Dunning Procedure
· Display document posted
· Display customer accounts balances
· Maintain correspondence with vendors
· Generate customer statements
· Customer ageing reports
· Define tolerances for customers
 · Down payment received
· Clear down payments against customer invoices
 · Setup credit control area · Set customer credit limits
 · Check posting against credit limits

Asset Accounting:-

· Copy and Modify the chart of depreciation
· Assign Chart of depreciation to Company Code
· Specify Account determination
· Create screen layout rules
· Define number ranges
· Define Asset classes
· Define depreciation areas post to GL
· Assign GL accounts for postings
· Define 0% tax codes
· Define depreciation keys
· Screen layouts for asset masters and depreciation areas
· Create Asset Masters
· Acquisition of assets with and without vendors
 · Retirement of assets
· Transfer of assets
· Scraping of assets
· Capital work in Progress settles to Assets
· Depreciation run and post
· Display document posted
· Display Asset Account balances
 · Asset explorer and history sheet
· Specify asset take over date
· Activate company code for data transfers

Closing Topics:-
· Period end closing Activities
· Year end closing Activities
· Generation of reports in period and year end
· Preparation of financial statement version
 · Master data and transactional data upload CO(CONTROLLING):

General Controlling:-
· Maintain controlling area
· Activate Components for controlling area
· Assignment of company code to controlling area
· Maintain number rangers for controlling area documents
· Maintain versions and setting for fiscal year Cost

Center Accounting:-
 · Introduction to cost centers accounting
 · Activate Cost center accounting in controlling area
· Define Standard Hierarchy for cost centers
· Define cost center categories
 · Define cost center groups
· Create cost centers
· Define cost elements for activity allocation
· Create activity types
· Maintain statistical key figures
· Post transaction to cost centers
 · Generate cost center reports
· Plan values and quantities for activity Prices
· Calculate activity prices · Periodical reposting of cost
· Create and execute Assessment cycle
· Create and execute distribution cycles
 · Activity allocation
 · Setting for automatic posting of cost

Internal Orders:-
· Introduction to internal orders
 · Activate order management in controlling area
· Maintain budget and planning profiles
· Planning
· Define Order types
· Number ranges for orders
· Creation of Real and statistical orders
· Re posting to orders
· Secondary cost elements for order settlement
· Posting values to internal orders
· Display internal order reports

Product Cost Controlling:-
· Define cost sheet for overhead calculation
· Define cost component structure
· Define transfer structure
 · Maintain material cost estimate with quantity structure
· Product cost mark and release
· Define cost accounting relevant setting for order types and plants
· Maintain result analysis key for work in progress calculation
· Check variance variant
· Calculate variance for order
· Number ranges for variance documents and settlement documents
· Define Material Master
· Define Plant
· B.O.M
· Routing
· Work center

Profitability Analysis:-
· Introduction to Profitability Analysis
· Maintain operating concern
 · Maintain characteristics
 · Maintain value fields
· Define profitability segment
· Maintain characteristic values
· Define derivation rules
· Setting for data flow from SD
· Setting for data flow from FI and MM
· Display reports in COPA
· Mapping of SD Conditions to CO-PA Value Fields

Cost Element Accounting:-
· Create primary and secondary cost elements
· Creation of cost elements manual and automatic
· Define cost element categories
· Define cost element groups
· Define number ranges for recon postings

Profit Center Accounting:-
· Introduction to profit center accounting
· Maintain standard hierarchy
· Importance and Create dummy profit center
· Maintain profit center groups
· Creation of profit centers
· Assignment of profit centers in cost center master data
 · Assignment of cost centers in material masters
· Maintain automatic account assignments for revenue elements
· Profit center for additional balance sheet accounts and PL accounts
· Posting to profit centers
· Display Profit centers reports