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Online Software Testing

Terms & Conditions:

The following are the terms of A2D Infotech Online Software Courses.    The students/participants desirous of taking up the course are advised to READ the terms carefully and adhere to the same during the online course program.   

Software Downloads, Installations:

A2D Infotech provides the students the complete details of how and from where to download the software, Installation Instructions, Class Videos, other Materials, Mock Interviews and much more. All these information will be provided as and when the payment is made.
Trail versions of software are provided and we recommend everyone to download the software from related sites like HP, Java etc.    A2D Infotech is not liable for the software.
Remote access will be provided for 1st time enrolled students until the course completion.

Refund Policy:

A2D Infotech will NOT refund the fee paid, and neither the fee will be transferred to other courses.

Course Repeat Instructions

If any student wishes to repeat a particular course, such student(s) need to make a requisition for the same.    Such requisition can be made by calling the admin team.

No calls for the course repeat request will be entertained.  This is for the simple reason that we need to validate your valid email id.

Class Timeline - Rescheduling:

The classes schedule may go beyond the allotted timelines since participants could pose several questions, which need to be answered appropriately.

At times, classes could also be cancelled due to technical reasons or unforeseen circumstances.    A2D Infotech will make sure such cancelled classes are covered up in the next classes.

Course Syllabus, Value Added Out-of Syllabus Questions:

A2D Infotech ensures that all the aspects of the courses, the syllabus as published on our website for each and every course are covered up by our Faculty.

Our past experience has shown us the participants come up questions that aren't covered under the topics published or outlined in the course.    Our experience faculty will walk that extra mile and try to answer each and every question participants ask and meet their requirements.

Guidelines to Attending online WebEx / Webinar Sessions:

Join GoTo Webinar / WebEx

Please READ CAREFULLY and follow the below guidelines to get the BEST of our Online Courses:

New Students:

New students can join with "FirstName  LastName - New" with valid email id.  Example: A2D-Infotech - New

Be Punctual:

  • Being punctual and on time is extremely important to ensure smooth functioning of the class.
  • Therefore, the participants have to ensure they join the class @8:25, when actual class starts @8:30.
  • In the event a participant is unable to login on time or missed the topic, the participant can always repeat in next class in other batch or cover the same in the recorded version.
  • Kindly avoid making a request to the trainer to repeat the topic if participant join late.
  • Repeating the same topic in the same class unnecessarily drags the class with the same topic causing undue concerns to the other participants, triggering numerous complaints from them.
  • This also causes extension of timeline set for the course.

Ask Relevant Queries:

  • Please allow the trainer to continue to explain a topic and you may ask questions, when the topic is completed.  Kindly avoid interrupting in the midst of a topic.
  • When the trainer is explaining, say, a topic on Smoke testing, you may ask questions related to the topic being explained.   Please refrain yourself asking questions unrelated to the topic, say for example questions on integration testing, which is totally unrelated.
  • This enables the trainer and you all, the participants to stay focused on the subject being taught.
  • The trainer will ensure all questions are answered and cover all doubts, when everybody is on the same page.

Queries on chat box:

  • We understand that there could be occasions, when you may find it difficult to raise your voice or unable to connect with the trainer during class hours.
  • Keeping this in view, we have provided you a very easy facility to key-in your questions in the chat box.
  • The trainer will be happy to answer them in the chat box.
  • And please ensure you send your queries on the chat box to everybody, so that other participants could also benefit.
  • The repeat students can ask questions at the end of the class or at the end of the topic.
  • In the event the question is not answered in the chat panel, kindly un-mute the phone and ask the same.
  • Even if this fails to get your answers, please list all questions and email them to the faculty.
  • And as a last resort, you are always welcome to contact this email -
  • Though we hope you don't have to resort to the last option, we will ensure all your questions are answered at the earlier occasions.
  • We do all this to make sure we meet all your requirements and you get the best out of our online training program.

Mute your MIC / Phone:

Our experience has shown that students face problems in hearing out the trainer as students fail/forget to mute the phone/MIC.

The moment you join the Webinar/WebEx, we request you to mute your MIC/Phone immediately.

In case if you are unable to do, please take help from the trainer or other participants.

Our sole goal, aim and objectives are to offer quality, unhindered and the best online software courses and help you shape a better future for YOU.

We tried to cover all aspects to ensure you all, the participants' issues and concerns are addressed. In case we missed a point or two, please send across an email to and we will consider the points raised and ensure we address them.

Your utmost cooperation, support will be highly appreciated. 

QA Internship Policies:

  • Graduate should meet certain academic and financial requirements to qualify for Internship placement.
  • Students on certain US visas (H1B, H4, F1) are not guaranteed to get an internship.
  • They will have an option to do an internship online (we are testing 3-5 products at a time under professional management).
  • At the end of each weeks sprint, interns are required to submit their weekly reports (to be used in future resume preparation).
  • At the completion of internship program interns are required to put in writing and submit 10-12 sentences of their Internship company story (answering the "Tell me about that company" interview question).
  • At the completion of internship program interns are required to put in writing and submit 10-12 sentences on the product tested (answering the "Tell me about the product" interview question).


  • For many employers, our internship program is a risk-free way to hire qualified software testers. 
  • Some companies consider our internship program to be an alternative to outsourcing short-term projects to offshore teams.    Others like giving a chance to new SQA field recruits if it does not cost much to their companies.
  • There is no QA Manager and no company who calls the A2DIT and asks for interns with no technical and/or no communication skills.    Nobody asks for people with bad attitudes, not willing to work hard, interested in entitlements rather than learning opportunities.

Here are the requirements you will meet to qualify for the internship placement:

  • Being in a good standing financially (tuition paid in full)
  • Being in a good standing academically (getting no less than 70% score on tests)
  • Passing Mock Interview (questions and answers are provided)
  • Passing the Internship procedure focusing on performance (rather than knowledge)
  • In some cases the qualification comes from project leads or instructors who can recommend you Based on continuous performance in class and/or on projects.

Our staff members conducting Mock Interviews/any industry experts and Internship Interviews will provide students with a feedback and exact recommendations on how to improve the results.    Graduate is allowed to schedule next Mock Interview or internship Interview once a week.  Take your time and take our recommendations seriously.
We have many graduates who get three internship offers from three interviews.      And we also have graduates who might need 7-10 interviews to succeed, which is perfectly fine.

 There is just one more requirement coming out of that:

After each internship interview the graduate is required to report the interview questions along with he/her answers, so we can work on eliminating the weaknesses - we know the questions, actually. We need to know your answers.